Friday, September 10, 2010

DAY 10: 30 tips for 30 days "Be Healthy and fit!" National Preparedness Month 2010

It is easier to handle stress in emergency situations if you have been living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise,drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DAY 9: 30 tips for 30 days "Get your Flu shots!" National Preparedness Month 2010

It is best to get your flu shot every year for the best protection from getting the flu! Go get yours now!

DAY 8: 30 tips for 30 days "Know how you will escape!" National Preparedness Month 2010

Identify two ways to escape from every room of your home.
Every member of your family should know what the family's plan is to evacuate their home safely in the event of an emergency!
Children do fire/tornado/earthquake drills at school! They want to learn!

DAY 7: 30 tips for 30 days "We need Volunteers!" National Preparedness Month 2010

The Red Cross needs people with all kinds of different backgrounds, talents and skill levels. Visit the Chapter website for more information on how YOU can help!
Single Family House fire NE Springs: Sept 7, 2010

DAY 6: 30 tips for 30 days "Prepare your Pets!" National Preparedness Month 2010

If you must evacuate, the most important thing you can do to protect your pets is to evacuate them too.

DAY 5: 30 tips for 30 days "What is in your Kit" National Preparedness Month 2010

What is in your kit? Are you ready to go at a moment's notice?

DAY 4: 30 tips for 30 days FIRST AID KITS! National Preparedness Month 2010

You should keep a first aid kit at home and in your car.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Emergency Preparedness night at the SKY SOX! September 3, 2010

Sky Sox Twilight Blood Drive

Come support the Community Emergency Preparedness friday night with the Sky Sox at Security Service Field! Fireworks sponsored by the Community Emergency Management Office! Summer is almost over!

DAY 3: 30 tips for 30 days "Will your business Re-open" National Preparedness Month 2010

As many as 40% of small businesses don’t reopen after a disaster. Do you have a plan?
Prepare your business for the unthinkable. Here are tips on how to prepare your venture in the case of disaster!

DAY 2: 30 tips for 30 days "Disasters take a Toll" National Preparedness Month 2010

Disasters take a financial toll. Do you have a plan?

Recovery can take a toll on your finances. Be prepared with these tips!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DAY 1: 30 tips for 30 days "What to do when seperated" National Preparedness Month 2010

Plan what to do in case you are separated during an emergency PDF CHECKLIST

When there is an emergency, have a plan for where your family will meet so that everyone knows where to go.